Fleet + Asset Tracking Software

A critical component to a business is the data that gives you a clear picture of all the where and what all the moving parts are doing at any given moment. When it comes to vehicles or assets, a robust fleet management system becomes your right hand man, and that’s exactly why Armada is a robust system built with reliability and responsiveness in mind.

A Robust Tracking Platform

Originally built as a tracking system for law enforcement where immediate data and responsiveness in locating an officer could mean life and death. The real-time updates, security, and uptime is part of the core functionality, so you are always in the know on where your vehicles and assets are.

Unlimited History

Each time the vehicle’s ignition is turned on to when it is turned off, the data is collected as a trip and saved on the server. There are no limits on how much history you store or access so reports can be pulled from any point during your use with the Armada system.

Works On and Offline

Regardless of where your vehicles go, our system works either sending data over the cellular network, or caching data when out-of-network to be sent to the server. 

Use with Any Device

Armada’s easy to use platform can be accessed with your phone, tablet, or desktop giving you access 24/7/365 to your data.

Armada’s Feature Set

Everything you need to get started tracking your fleet is built into Armada’s core platform. If you need more, we have an integration solution to take care of your fleet’s unique needs.

Dynamic Updates

Never wonder where your vehicles are at any given time. Location is updated up to 4 times per second, a complete history is kept, and if out of service, location data is cached and sent to the server when back in cell range.



Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance Reminders

With a direct connection to your vehicles onboard computer, stay alerted on vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reminders.

Driver Behavior

A log of your drivers’ behavior is recorded and available to review and create reports on, highlighting events such as hard braking, sharp turns, and excessive speeding.


Trucking regulations now requires electronic logging instead of paper. The Armada tracking platform is extended with e-log capabilities, helping keep your fleet in adherence.

Cache Updates

For the times you are out of range of cell service, position location is cached until back in service where history is updated. No data is ever lost.


A history is recorded and logged of each trip the vehicle makes from the time the ignition is turned on to the time it is turned off.

History Scrub

Quickly visualize your vehicles trips and behavior alerts quick and easily with a playback scrub of the trip history.


Not only can you monitor driving behavior, mileage, and idling time, but create PDF reports customized to your time frame.

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