Integration Provider
+ Location Tracking Software

No matter what you track, whether that is a vehicle or asset, Armada gives you a software
platform solution that you take ownership of, customize and manage, and is backed by
support from the Armada team and vetted integration providers

Create Your Software in Months, Not Years

Armada can deliver the tracking component of your business in months, not years. Customer first, white-labeled tracking platform tailored to your needs in a fraction of time and at a fraction of the cost versus building your own platform.

Speed of Delivery

Bringing you speed in software delivery, decision making, and speed in your results.

Be In the Know

Gain real-time insights into your operations with tracking and report generation


Save yourself time, resources, and money versus developing your own in house solution.

A Turnkey Solution

If you need help with managing your tracking platform, we can help manage your system from server, software, hardware, to team use.

Fleet Tracking that You Own

One thing we’ve found is there are not any fleet tracking solutions that you customize to your specific needs and put your label on. At Armada we want to make things simple: buy a license and make it your own. No more contracts, no more middlemen, your fleet, your software.

Configure to your Hardware
Fit the Platform to your Needs
Armada Software Support
Software and Hardware Development

It Begins with the Armada Tracking Platform

This is the age of the internet of things (IOT). Armada provides a platform for industrial application that helps you communicate to the assets that keeps your organization running efficiently

Intuitive and User-Friendly Software Interface
Provides Accurate and Real-Time Location Data
Communicates with Various Data Streams
Captures and Stores Data creating a History of your Records

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